Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My 21st Century Classroom Project

SEDU 183 Final Exam: My 21st Century Classroom

Summary: For this project you will create your 21st Century classroom focusing on the following characteristics of a networked classroom:  transparency, collaboration, student centered learning, accessibility, communication, inquiry based learning, and promoting authentic assessment. All outside resources (sites and tools) used will be sourced in the Annotated Bibliography.

Rationale: Since day one, I have asked you to be risk takers, seek out answers to your own problems, and think beyond the current norms and mores of today’s classroom. We have worked to create a Personal Learning Network to support these tenets and begin the habits of effective exploration and discovery. This project not only pushes you to unpack your understanding of the content, but also requires you to demonstrate the skills and resources used during the semester. 

Equivocation: Since we are talking about transforming schools rather than just reforming them, you have every opportunity here to create your ideal classroom. However, what must stay in the realm of possibilities. Remember a dreamer needs a realist as much as a realist needs a dreamer.

Due Date: The final product must be live and active on the day of the final exam. You do not need to come to class, but I will be evaluating your pages during our exam time. 

Create a separate page for your project on your blog titled “My 21st Century Classroom.” 

  1.  All material related to this project must be accessible from this page alone. 
  2.  All links and embedded content must be live and working at the time of evaluation
Create all the following Sections with all of the required content:
  1.  Welcome - Embed your "This I believe" video and provide a small narrative telling us what it is and what we will see. You will also link your to your own reflection post from this project.  
  2.  My Classroom -  Create and provide a graphic representation of your classroom with a detailed narrative explaining how the construction promotes:   transparency, collaboration, student centered learning, accessibility, communication, inquiry based learning, and or promotes authentic assessment. (Address at least 3 areas)
  3. Rituals and Routines -  Explain what daily rituals and routines you will use inside your classroom then explain how they promote:  transparency, collaboration, student centered learning, accessibility, communication, inquiry based learning, and or promotes authentic assessment. (Address at least 2 areas)
  4. Instructional Glimpse – Describe a typical lesson that would occur in your class. Use the some or all of the components appropriate to the plan for your level and discipline.  (See Plans)
  5. My Technology Integration - Explain how you will use technology (tool specific) to connect students and teacher inside the classroom, publish student and teacher work locally and globally, connect students and teachers outside the classroom, connect with experts around the world, and collaborate with others to creates and share knowledge.
  6. PLN - Describe how you will continue to use and grow your personal learning network as a learner and as a teacher. 
  7. Feedback – Create and embed a Google form to collect information and feedback. Also, leave your active email in this section, so I can use it to quickly email your rubrics to you.  
  8.  Annotated Bibliography – Source all borrowed information and Web tools used in the creation of this project.  Use Easybib.com to format your sources according to the MLA standards.
Qualifier for Narratives:
All narratives must be highly readable. That is they should be grammatically correct, organizationally coherent, detailed and specific, and contain embedded content and hyperlinks to outside resources. 

Your project page must contain all of the following elements:
  1. All sections and required content
  2. One self-created digital media that is embedded
  3. 5 images
  4. One embedded graphical representation of your classroom
  5. Bountiful links to outside resources and tools
  6. A form for feedback on your classroom
This project is worth 100 points x 3 towards your final grade. Your project will be evaluated in two domains: Content and Usability. On the day of the exam I will use the two rubrics to quantify your grade for the project. I will also complete your embedded form.  Be sure to leave a place for me in the form to leave comments and your grade. I will email you my rubrics to you once I complete my evaluation.

Project Evaluation: After you have created your project, complete the form below and have a great day. 

Grading Domains 

Domain: Content
This domain seeks to find answers to the following questions:
 Is all the content presented and accounted for?
·         Is all the content believable?
·         Is all the content explained and rationalized?
·         Is all the content grammatically correct and has no misspellings?
·         Is all content borrowed sourced?

Domain: Usability
This domain seeks to find the answers to the following questions:
·         Is all the digital media and rich text relevant, effective, and working?
·         Is the page neatly organized and visually pleasing?
·         Is this page a valid resource for others to use and model?

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