Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EXTRA CREDIT @Prezi U Ambassador Program | Prezi

Prezi, that cool online presentation tool that blows away PowerPoint, is looking for you to become their Edinboro Campus Ambassador. That's right - YOU! Find out more about the Prezi U Ambassador Program at their website. If selected . . . . (from their website)

Let me know if you do. It would be major extra credit!

The Perks

  • School Credit (as allowed by your campus)
  • Potential for onsite internship
  • Top Performers will have the opportunity to win prizes including gift certificates, an iPad, a visit to the San Francisco office, and a trip to Budapest to interact with the Founders
  • Start Up Experience
  • Free EDU Pro License of Prezi
  • Access to a network of Prezi Ambassadors across the country
  • Prezi Swag
  • Letter of Rec at the completion of your term

The Possibilities

There is no single characteristic that makes up an ideal Prezi U Ambassador. We look for enthusiasm, drive and, of course, plenty of creativity. We look for leaders—the people who are connected and make things happen on their campus; leaders who can inspire their peers, collaborate with administrators and campus organizations, and produce results.
This is more than just a college job. It’s a chance to develop and grow as an individual while lending an incredible line to your resume. Sound like you?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Academic Reception @ Edinboro University

Last evening Edinboro welcomed incoming committed freshmen and some shopping freshmen by introducing them specifically to the Middle Level and Secondary Education curricula, department, and facilities.

We had an encouraging turn out of parents and graduating senior from around the area and as far as up state New York. Our newly assembled MSE Club (Mid Level and Secondary Education Club) was duly represented as eight of their members joined us for a Q & A session after the initial presentation.

I was asked to chair our department's committee for this event. I used Doodle to schedule the meetings and worked closely with our Department Chair Dr. Kathleen Benson and the other members: Dr. Bill Weber, Dr. Whitney Wesley, Dr. Heather Baron, and Dr. Joe Johnson. I updated the presentation from a PowerPoint slide show to  our current presentation using Prezi in which I embedded a great video created by Dr. Johnson.

Check out the presentation! It took a lot of time to get this together. Mostly due to organizational issues on my part. I wasn't sure what to include and take away , but after some early bumps, I am really satisfied with the final product.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Student Teacher Practicum @ Edinboro University

Today Dr. Johnson and I presented to Student Teachers who are between the first and second field placements. Eager minds soaked up two dueling presentations. The first was focused on expanding the Personal Learning Network and risk taking by exploring the uses of Twitter, Facebook, and Cell phones in Education. The second part focused on digital video featuring Photobooth and iMovie.

We both discussed the importance of technology integration and more importantly the decision process behind integration. Dr. Johnson stressed "using a program in the absence of an application is a useless endeavor." Content and student needs should always drive the choices for integration.