Monday, October 22, 2012

Student Teaching Practicum

Today Edinboro's current Student Teachers in the field experienced their mid-placement Student Teaching Practicum. This event is planned between the first and second placements.

Dr. Johnson and I presented a work shop Enhancing Student Teaching through Technology. The first half Dr. Johnson demonstrated iMovie, Inspiration, and Comic Life. With full engagement and humor, he promoted the use of video integrations, concept mapping, and just making the classroom a place of risk taking and excitement. 

I presented a few web sources in the hopes of triggering excitement for the exploration of resources. The first was this tool Blogger and the possible uses of a blogas a portfolio and reflective tool. I then reinforced the idea of Twitter as a start to expanded the student's personal learning network. I shared this link on following and finding educators on Twitter. We quickly moved in to the great pedagogical resources from University of Oregon The Teacher Effectivenss Program.. This is great resources from first day teaching to assessment. The Ducks got this one right!  Finally to just touch on Flipped Learning I showed the students Khan Academy and introduced the idea that the information delivery or concept introduction can be done from home and the exploration and discovery can be done in class. Flip it, reverse it, and make it new!

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