Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blogging in the Classroom

Today I am presenting at Corry Middle in Corry, Pennsylvania  to the Language Arts Departments on blogging in the classroom. They have already decided to blog inside their classrooms, but felt they needed a little guidance in creating a purpose and plan. I am using this Google presentation to guide our discussion, share some examples of teacher and student blogs, and invite them to a shared network folder on The Box where I have and they can share resources.

 I invite the teachers to visit this post and leave feedback on the presentation and information provided. I will follow up with this post after the presentation.

The Follow Up

What an excited group of educators. As a department, they are excited about bringing the publication aspect to their students. We discussed various strategies of managing student blogs vs. a classroom blog. I shared my own experiences using Blogger and a few the need to establish a concrete framework of routines and expectations. I also stressed that when they were ready to publish student work or have students generate their own blogs the importance of building an established audience of peers for each students. For more on this check out my post on How I Manage Blogger post.

SIde note: I was impressed with my two student teachers who were already deep in research and study on Blogger - good job Missy - and Kidsblog - good job Chris. At Chris' cajoling, I check out Kidsblog and think it is great. Check out my post on Kidsblog.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to come to your school and share ideas. Thanks for being risk takers and seeking discomfort for our students. 

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