Thursday, January 26, 2012

Activity in Blogging: Embedding

For this class activity in our SEDU 183 class, we worked on embedding links, emails, pics and videos within our blog. In the example used in class I located a great article by Jane Bozart from the online Learning Solutions Magazine. 

Embedding a Pic - How to Video
This picture located from a Google Image search that I thought summed up my idea of a PLN. 
SEDU 183 - Powered by US

Embedding A Video
This video is a great video!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

S/T Cohort - Let's Share

This semester I think we will try the Google calendar share feature. This will allow me to see your teaching schedule and arrange my supervising visits accordingly. You will have to obtain a GMail account first. So, please watch the video below on how to create a Google calendar. Then proceed further down for more information - thanks.

Now you are ready to share it with me at The only permission I need is See all Events. I don't need authoring rights. Here is how  you share.

Ok. Now we are ready to rock-n-roll with creating events. Check this video out. 

Blogging Lesson Video Redux

Creating your own Blog

So I asked you to create your own blog. I believe this will serve as a valuable tool for us to share and publish our work and learning. Here is a YouTube video showing you the process. Have fun and enjoy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 to cool to not Use in School

Using this cool online tool that seems to good to be true. Do your students use their cell phones? Can't get them to put them down while your teaching? Why fight it. Let's embrace the digital divide and use it to our advantage. So join my group. Let me know what you think? . . . I let them tell you. Check it out. Here is my page:

Cell Phones in the Classroom

Wait a cotton pickin' minute. Get out my cell phone? But we are in class?

That's right. Let see how good you are with your phone - thumbs ready?