Monday, January 14, 2013

Playing Around with Mozilla's Popcorn Maker

I sure I could have spent today's work session completing more productive tasks as the Spring semester quickly approaches, but I couldn't help but play with my "Welcome to SEDU 183" video I created and posted on YouTube. I have and do like the enhancements YouTube allows users to jazz up their productions. In fact you can see my experiment with that below. 
However, I do feel a little limited in the enhancement capabilities in that YouTube disallows most users to embed links to outside resources. Then across my TED TV feed comes this video introduction of Mozilla's Popcorn Maker, and I was stoked to try it out.

Here is my experiment that I thought was relatively easy to do. I love the layering ability. This online video enhancer allows users to embed and link images and web resources, articles to Wikipedia, and run a live Twitter feed. I am still playing but so far I like it. During our Teaching and Learning class I will be introducing this along with the YouTube enhancements. Happy teaching and learning!

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