Saturday, November 21, 2015

Teaching Philosophy: An Application

This picture reveals my greatest classroom achievement. London, Darby, and Chelsea are outcomes of my teaching philosophies and my wife’s. Although somewhat shared, she does not lay claim to all.

I am now an ardent connectivist. So much so, that my classes are the antithesis to the traditional college course where didactic presentations, monolithic lectures, and static learning environments permeate. Not to say these don’t have a place within the toolboxes for practiced professors who easily transition between strategies and not anchored to one. Nevertheless, I choose to turn the ownership of the knowledge and learning over to the students. After all, it is theirs in the end to do with what they wish – forget or apply. I hope for the latter.

In addition to these ideals, I do not think the classroom should be a vehicle of disparity and inequity. If fact, it should be a conduit of choice, equal access, and openness; open in every way possible to anyone willing to learn, participate, and contribute.

I believe these statements reveal my beliefs and philosophies on teaching. I also hope they fall on the intellect of like-minded teachers. If so, let's connect and share the experience. Namaste.

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