Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EXTRA CREDIT @Prezi U Ambassador Program | Prezi

Prezi, that cool online presentation tool that blows away PowerPoint, is looking for you to become their Edinboro Campus Ambassador. That's right - YOU! Find out more about the Prezi U Ambassador Program at their website. If selected . . . . (from their website)

Let me know if you do. It would be major extra credit!

The Perks

  • School Credit (as allowed by your campus)
  • Potential for onsite internship
  • Top Performers will have the opportunity to win prizes including gift certificates, an iPad, a visit to the San Francisco office, and a trip to Budapest to interact with the Founders
  • Start Up Experience
  • Free EDU Pro License of Prezi
  • Access to a network of Prezi Ambassadors across the country
  • Prezi Swag
  • Letter of Rec at the completion of your term

The Possibilities

There is no single characteristic that makes up an ideal Prezi U Ambassador. We look for enthusiasm, drive and, of course, plenty of creativity. We look for leaders—the people who are connected and make things happen on their campus; leaders who can inspire their peers, collaborate with administrators and campus organizations, and produce results.
This is more than just a college job. It’s a chance to develop and grow as an individual while lending an incredible line to your resume. Sound like you?


  1. I am interested in this. I love Prezi. I would love more information on this opportunity.

    1. Just check out the links in the post. Once you submit, see me.