Thursday, March 22, 2012

Academic Reception @ Edinboro University

Last evening Edinboro welcomed incoming committed freshmen and some shopping freshmen by introducing them specifically to the Middle Level and Secondary Education curricula, department, and facilities.

We had an encouraging turn out of parents and graduating senior from around the area and as far as up state New York. Our newly assembled MSE Club (Mid Level and Secondary Education Club) was duly represented as eight of their members joined us for a Q & A session after the initial presentation.

I was asked to chair our department's committee for this event. I used Doodle to schedule the meetings and worked closely with our Department Chair Dr. Kathleen Benson and the other members: Dr. Bill Weber, Dr. Whitney Wesley, Dr. Heather Baron, and Dr. Joe Johnson. I updated the presentation from a PowerPoint slide show to  our current presentation using Prezi in which I embedded a great video created by Dr. Johnson.

Check out the presentation! It took a lot of time to get this together. Mostly due to organizational issues on my part. I wasn't sure what to include and take away , but after some early bumps, I am really satisfied with the final product.

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  1. The presentation is great. I'm digging the use of prezi for it as well. It's definitely the elite 21st Century presentation tool to use. Good job!